Meet Hanisha G.

The founder of ek 2 three


Hanisha’s dance journey began as a little girl in front of the TV, trying to mimic the dance moves from her favourite Bollywood songs. After years of learning various dance styles, performing at live shows and dancing alongside her full time job, she formed Ek 2 Three to create dances, performances and shows that portray the colour, sparkle and drama of Bollywood cinema.

Ek 2 Three’s choreography is inspired by the glamorous heroines, eccentric heroes and melodramatic romance we see in Bollywood movies. Our mission: to create dances that are as entertaining as a Bollywood item number, punctuated with just the right amount of ‘thumkas’*. Get in touch for all your dance-related needs.

*A thumka is a popular Bollywood dance move involving the movement of the hip from left to right. It’s also Hanisha’s favourite dance step.